Who are we?


History of the Trust

The Blanchminster Charity in Bude, Cornwall is probably the oldest charitable trust in Britain and possibly the world.

The Blanchminster Trust, formerly known as the Blanchminster Charity, originated in 1421 and since that date has been actively engaged in providing assistance to persons originally in Stratton and Poughill and later in Bude.

In its early years, the Charity had religious objectives as well as providing help for needy people.

In its modern form, it has existed since 1893, when the Charity Commission made an Order which regulated its activities.
The Charity Commissioners have made further Orders from time to time since then and the Trust is now governed by an order made on March 16th 1982 (as amended).

The Trust is a parochial charity for the benefit of the people living in the area of ‘the former Urban District of Bude-Stratton as constituted on March 31st 1974′.
This is referred to as the ‘Area of Benefit’ – the Parishes of Stratton, Bude and Poughill.

The Board of Trustees comprises thirteen local people.
They receive neither payment nor allowances and give their time freely in the service of the Trust.


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