How we deal with requests

How Requests are dealt with.


When an application is received and the Financial Enquiry Form completed, the Clerk checks to see whether the Trustees can consider it. They may ask for further details.



The completed application form is then passed to one of the application Committees who consider the details.

Arrangements may be made to meet the applicant to discuss the request. This is dealt with informally, usually at the Trust office. The individual discussions last only about fifteen minutes. These meetings are usually held in the last week of each month.

The Committees make recommendations to the full Board of Trustees who normally meet on the first Friday of each month.



The Board of Trustees consider each application on its merits and their decision is notified to the applicant in writing as soon as possible after the meeting.



In cases of extreme urgency, a special meeting of Trustees may be called, but, apart from exceptional circumstances, applications take at least a month from initial application to final decision.

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