What we do










What can the Trust do?


The Trust has three principal Objects:






To promote Education by the provision of assistance to those in need of help.

Education is widely defined and not limited to formal school or University activities.

It includes involvement of people in sporting activities, community service and further training after the end of their formal education.



To qualify




a) Residence. In general, the Trustees can help applicants living in the ‘Area of Benefit’ or who have at least one parent so residing.


However, consideration is also given to current or recent past pupils of Budehaven Community School who may live outside the ‘Area’.




b) Financial Need. Proof of a financial need must be shown.




SecondlyThe Relief of Need.




Anyone who is in need, hardship or distress may be assisted by the Trust, subject to the qualifications below.

Help may be in the form of a cash grant, equipment for the disabled, travel costs to visit the sick etc.

It should be shown that other avenues of help have been explored such as DSS, Social services etc.


To qualify




a) Residence. Residence by the applicant within the ‘Area of Benefit’.




b) Financial Need. Proof of financial need.










The Trustees may, in certain circumstances, make grants to local organisations of a charitable nature where the help is for the benefit of the Community

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